(Part of) Chapter One

The crisp, fall air was palpable. The sunlight poured in; the hard, metal benches we sat on were cold and unforgiving to my frail frame. She sat me down, slowly pushing a pile of papers my way. “We will need you to sign these,” she started, her brown eyes languishing over my sorry state. I […]

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Tackling Shame

“We are not our sins,” the book said. I desperately want(ed) to believe it. But when I think, my thoughts swirl together, adding together sin upon sin, proclaiming a terminal illness: inability to be known, and to be loved. “BUT NO!” my brain says. The neuropathways trodden down day after day make it almost impossible […]

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The Beginning (Kind Of)

“But this was not the beginning. And though “the beginning” is hard to actually pinpoint, one day does ring clear. It was another day, a year before this one. A day when the crisp, fall air was palpable, and the sunlight poured in.” In what took a little over a year to write, I have […]

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